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Post  Flowr4246 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:06 pm

Do you guys use household chores to calculate some activity points for yourselves? I hadn't thought to do it for a while, but then one of my friends (who's had great success doing WW) commented that she used to put in lots of household chores for herself. I looked into it and it turns out that I'm earning a lot more than I thought. So you ladies might be too!

For example, we have a basement laundry. Some days I go up and down those stairs multiple times (not to mention the fact that I also have to carry the clean clothes back up to the bedroom level as well). There's actually a built in item on the online program for 'walking upstairs, carrying 1 - 24 lb. load'. 10 minutes of that is 1 Activity Point (30 is 2). I'm willing to bet that many of you spend at least 30 minutes a day doing stuff like this.

I'll readily admit, I'm not big into exercise. But, if you're earning points based on everyday things, you might as well take advantage of them! (Let me know if you need me to look up/post any common activities for you guys. I'll be happy to do it!)

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